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"KEF went to Wonsan Orphanage in the beginning of July and enjoyed time

with orphans riding on bicycles. The children, who played quite a lot with great joy on the playground equipment, provided by GU4H and Wheat Mission, were extremely happy to see bicycles and scooters. It doubled their happiness.

Their ride on bicycles and scooters presented grand sight. They wanted bicycles much more than rice and salad. Enjoying times with noisy children who became much brighter and cheerful with delight, we found our life worthwhile to create beautiful dreams of children. And at the same time all day we have been thinking of you Mrs Lee and representatives of GU4H who have pushed their ways through the thorny and devoted full enthusiasm for thhappiness and delight of the children.

Availing myself of this opportunity I would like to express my deep thanks to you who have contributed to the bicycle project."

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