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In Tanzania there has been a great response to the bikes delivered to schools in Singida. More will soon be distributed to students at schools throughout this poor agricultural region in the heart of Tanzania, incentivizing children to pursue their education while enabling greater mobility for students and educators alike throughout the region.


 Most recently, GU4H just returned from Tanzania as part of the Singida Bike Race for Charity that took place at the end of May. The 24km bike race, which raises funds for homeless and disabled persons and promotes bicycling in the region, is organized by students from Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) and their U.S. counterpart from Azusa Pacific University (APU) in collaboration with FFCC. 



"Dear our supporters from USA, we hope that you are fine and you had a nice journey from USA to here (Nkungi primary school). Here at Nkungi primary school we thank God that we are all fine and proceed well with our daily activities concerning our school.

In front of you are pupils of Nkungi primary school who were given bicycles after performing well in examination. We were very happy since we received these bicycles because through these, we can be able to do most of our work and save time, for instance these bicycles help us coming to school early in the morning, going home quickly during the lunch time as well as going back home early after class hours.

Not only that but also they help us in exercising our body during riding to make our health become stronger.

Moreover, these bicycles have brought more competition in academic issue and we know that, failing in our coming exam means that, these bicycles will not be ours again, but being given to those who will perform well. So in order to have them we should put more efforts in studying and performing well.

We very thank you so much for what you did in our school since we knew each other.

We hope that, this is not the end of your supports, but you will continue supporting us.

Finally, we pray the Lord to protect and give you the long life so as we can see each other next time.

We thank you for your kindness and welcome again in our school next time.

We wish you a very nice journey when you go back to America.


Your sincerely, pupils of Nkungi Primary School"

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